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April 7, 2011 by Paul Green

The MainStayers got together yesterday for a bit of meeting time. After conversations about hypothetical relativity in space-time travel we got down to the nitty gritty and conversed about many MainStay projects, that, and about where to buy tickets to the next Taylor Swift concert. I wont get into too much detail about the goings on in said meeting, however I will say that one project may involve insurgent Zombies, and we’re all pretty hyped about it. 😀

MainStay Productions Meeting 4/6/2011

MainStay Productions Has a Meeting

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March 30, 2011 by Jed Ivie

Ever wonder what cameras we use? Well…if it shoots film or video, we shoot with it. Our preferred camera right now is the RED One (mostly because our good friends at Rivetal own one…and we do a lot of work with them). The RED One has been around for a while now…it’s definitely NOT the new kid on the block anymore. That title goes to Arri’s Alexa…or maybe it goes to the really hard to get RED Epic? Or maybe even the Sony F3? Anywho…what does matter is that every camera has its uses. I have a buddy who has been shooting with the T2i…and churning out amazing footage with it. If you’re on a budget or need a lot of punch in a really small package…the T2i does wonders. Load it up with the pseudo-firmware Magic Lantern…and you have an awesome little tool. But I digress…

As I mentioned, we LOVE shooting with the RED…wait, did I mention that? Well…it’s out there now. We also rely heavily on the Sony EX-1 and love the shots we get with our GoPros. We are anxious to get our hands on the EPIC-X (which our previously mentioned good friends at Rivetal have purchased). We are told it will be available around the time of NAB…which means we are at least two weeks away. I highly doubt we’ll see it before May. As soon as it’s in custody…we’ll shoot something fun on it and get it posted for your viewing pleasure.

Another camera I’ve had my eye on is VisionResearch’s Phantom Flex. High speed cameras are awesome. You go anywhere and shoot some footage in super slo-mo and it’s sure to catch someone’s eye. Check out this cool video from a guy who claims he was bored in his hotel room one night…and decided to play with the Phantom flex he just happen tohave. It’s awesome. If you want to see it on his vimeo page…go here:

Super slow-mo can also be achieved in post-production. Sure, you could use Final Cut or Avid to time-remap the footage and slow it way down…but it never looks that great. However, if you use After Effects to slow it down, you get great results…check out one other video from our friend Devin Graham…he shot this on the Canon 7D and slowed it down to about 1,000 fps (that’s “frames per second” in super-high-end video lingo).

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March 30, 2011 by Jed Ivie

We have some awesome ideas for a new Taylor Swift music video. Our kids are fans, we’re fans and we would love to make an official Taylor Swift music video. We have contacted her record label and we know they have seen our original version of “Today Was a Fairytale.” But…now we want to make sure we get their attention…check out our campaign to become selected to shoot the official music video for Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song.”

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March 30, 2011 by Jed Ivie

At Mainstay, we do a lot of shooting. We shoot guns. We shoot the bull. But mostly, we shoot a lot of footage…for lots of various projects. Right now…I think we have about 10 open projects in various stages of development. The hard part is, finding the time to focus and work on just one of them. That’s why we are extremely good multi-taskers. Each member of our team adds their own unique talents to this mix…and the end result is a team that is cohesive and focused. We work well together. We don’t have to worry about egos. We don’t have to worry about being told what to do (most of the time). Our team has it all…which is why Mainstay works.

So, as I mentioned before, we have a bunch of stuff in the hopper. I hope to keep posting on the blog and keeping our fans up to date on the latest videos in our arsenal. If you ever want to find the latest projects…visit our youtube site…in fact…why don’t you just subscribe? The latest thing we posted was a short 16mm film test. We needed to test some 16mm film…so Director John Lyde thought…why not actually film a fight scene at the same time. So…here it is….enjoy!

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March 25, 2011 by shaun

The Mainstay Pro blog has been completed and posts will soon appear here. Stay tuned! We’ve got exciting news to tell you and we want your reactions!

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March 24, 2011 by Paul Green

It’s time to kick off a little “Bloggin'” for us here at MainStay, Stay tuned for info, updates, rants, raves and all that jazz on and about our goings on involving MainStay Productions.  Please be patient if something blows up, just remember to duck and cover.

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